1. Physicals
    We provide Sports and School physicals, at a discounted price, to get you medically cleared. Employment and DOT (commercial driver) exams are available also. Just Walk-in.
  2. Labs
    In house labs testing is available for some rapid test that help diagnosis illnesses like strep throat, flu, and urine infections. We are able to draw and sent out labs for more complicated lab testing the same day. Drug Screen testing - rapid and reference lab are available.
  3. X-Ray
    On-site x-ray ability for extremity injuries and pneumonia evaluations. We love to show and educate you on your x-ray findings. We schedule and coordinate with local radiology centers for CT and MRI needs.
  4. Injuries
    Accidents happen! We evaluate and treat stable injuries such as lacerations, bone & joint injuries, and minor head injuries. We are able to suture lacerations and splint injuries of bones and joints. We work with local specialist to get you follow up treatment and evaluation in a timely manner.
  5. IV Hydration
    Dehydrated and weak? IV hydration therapy is available to get you back on your feet and feeling better. We prove IV therapy in our exam rooms that allow you to lay down and have a in room TV to help pass the time.
  6. EKG
    EKG's are a test to evaluate the electrical activity of your heart. We can use this to evaluate minor chest pain or abnormal heart palpitations you may have. If you feel you have severe chest pain or suspect a significant heart illness like a "Heart Attack" We recommend you call 911 or go to the closest Emergency Room!
Our Team
  1. Dr. Rene Lopez, MD
    Dr. Rene Lopez, MD
  2. Jeff Scott, PA-C, Capt USAF (ret)
    Jeff Scott, PA-C, Capt USAF (ret)
  3. Trina St. Ann, PA-C, Major USA (ret)
    Trina St. Ann, PA-C, Major USA (ret)
  4. Jenny Jones, Business Manager
    Jenny Jones, Business Manager
  5. Vincente Perez, NCT
    Vincente Perez, NCT
What is Urgent Care ?
Urgent Care is a anytime walk-in medical office. We take care of same day medical needs you may have, such as illnesses and injuries, at your convenience. We have the ability to evaluate non-emergency issues at significantly less cost than an emergency room.

Emergency Rooms are HIGH cost medical care centers that take care of Life Threatening medical issues such as heart attacks, strokes, and Major injuries and illnesses. 

Fast-Tex Urgent Care is your first and locally veteran owned Cibolo Urgent Care Center. We take pride in giving quality personal medical care in a safe modern medical office. We strive hard to make your visit  a positive expereince so you will call us "My Urgent Care Provider."
Fast-Tex Urgent Care
"I came to FastTex needing a stitch or two when I accidentally cut my finger.
The staff was very helpful and friendly, service was quick.
I have a severe allergy to an ingredient in the tetanus shot and they were very attentive to ensuring I had what I needed without worry of my allergy.
I called the next day with a question about aftercare and was able to speak directly with PA Scott. He was kind, courteous, and knowledgable.
I highly recommend this place if you need an urgent care
                                   Melissa Minard
"I brought my son here on Wednesday suffering from a stomach bug that caused severe dehydration. He was seen immediately, quickly evaluated by PA Jeff Scott, and was treated with IVs and nausea medication. Mr. Scott was extremely helpful and answered all my sons questions in a very patient and professional manner. It was an outstanding experience and we will definitely be coming back for out urgent care needs in the future"  Patrick Oneil
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791 FM 1103 #125
Cibolo, Texas 78108
Tel:  210-888-1175
Fax: 210-888-0042
Email: [email protected]
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